Legacy of Love

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Love comes to us in many forms, and it can move and pass through us in many states as well. We can love with a smile, an act of simple kindness, the gentle touch of a hand, or a comforting word in just the right moment. Love has no limits, and it can do the most amazing things. The most important thing to remember about love is that no one can own it. It exists for us to share with everyone around us. Love exists to give away as unconditionally as possible whenever the opportunity presents. Love is a gift, and it’s accessible to everyone willing to receive it.

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I enjoy looking for new ways to express love to my family, friends, and others I care for as often as I can. The people in my life know they are loved, but I like being creative and spontaneous because those things will stand out and be remembered when I’m not here anymore. I need to leave behind excellent examples, brilliant life lessons, and a legacy of love. Love is an energy that is infinite and cannot be outlasted. Love is multifaceted and reaches into the deepest places of a person’s life, and brings healing and wholeness. Love is without limit, and so how we love one another can also be limitless. Be inspired to elevate your ability to love and let your love be your legacy.

Treat Yourself Right

Hello, my dear friends, how are you today? I am probably better in this one single moment than I have been in quite some time. I decided to be good to myself today, and I’m so glad I did. We see expressions and read articles about self-care, and we generally agree that it’s healthy and proper for us to do, but we fall short of time or let life get in the way. We’ve got to get better at taking care of ourselves. Making the time to do even the slightest personal kindness can be the difference in a whole day. For me, it began by deciding it was okay to like myself and to be my friend. This process did not happen overnight.

I needed to take a seriously good look at who I am. Examining myself meant defining my strengths, weaknesses, and all the bridges in between. I made lists of my “good stuff” and “not so good stuff.” This list was beneficial in helping me decide what I wanted to change and how to go about doing that. Moreover, it helped me to see the great things about myself that others see and love. I know it sounds like a childish and straightforward thing to do, but it made a difference for me. A lesson doesn’t need to be harsh and complex to be effective. While I still have much to learn and do in self-care and self-improvement, I now understand that I’ve taken some significant steps.

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I may not look back at my life as a whole and agree with how I’ve lived, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t grown, learned, and evolved as a person. I like who I am, and it’s okay to be my friend and enjoy being myself. I can treat myself right with no guilt attached and know that I’m strong enough to learn from it and move forward if I make a mistake. We need to be good to ourselves every day. By treating ourselves right, we are setting an example for the world around us who notice and teach them our worth.

Be Forever a Dreamer

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When did we stop dreaming? Is it fair to say the pockets of the world that spew toxic issues and stir hateful negativity are stealing from us our ability to reach beyond the here and now and dream, thoroughly dream with anticipation of a better moment? I recall conversations with friends and family about “the dream job” or “one day when I travel through Europe” and the hope and excitement that erupted within those conversations. It used to be that a young university student would count the days until graduation out of a growing desire to begin their new career, and now the focus is primarily on financial security, title, or promising benefits. I suppose I can only speak of what I see, and I must say that as a dreamer, I can sense that same energy in others, and I am meeting fewer dreamers with each passing year.

We are still human, and it is good for us to dream and hope and believe that we can always move forward and come up higher wherever we are in this world. It is what we are built for, and I think most of us have forgotten how to embrace that part of ourselves. People are natural visionaries, and we look to tomorrow with intent, and that is why dreaming is so important. The ability to create the possibility of the future we want is essential. A person dreams not because they are unhappy but because there is so much more to learn, experience, and discover. We all have this sliver of something in us that drives us forward and makes us believe we can accomplish what we set out to do.

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Unfortunately, I’m seeing more people pressing forward with effort and living life with a more defeated attitude these days. My heart goes out to people, and I hope the dreamer spirit is quickened once again as it is vital for us all. Regardless of what belief one aligns with, we can agree that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, so we only know the moment we are in, and we must treasure it, live it loudly, and dream, my friend, be forever a dreamer.

Just A Thought

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Why don’t we do the things that make us happy? This question is so enormous for me. I went for a walk this morning with my little girl, and I watched her as she noticed every detail of the day and her environment. Her small hands picked up wildflowers and smelled them deeply as if they were the finest to grace the planet. Why do we lose that appreciation for the little things in life as we age? Kids are generally happy to wake up and accept the day as it comes. I’m a firm believer in aspiring to be more and come up higher, but can we also find joy where we are on the journey to where we will be?

We hear it often “learn to live in the moment,” but what does that mean for you? Living in the moment is indeed the concept of right now; what each person does with that moment is unique. It means for me to breathe deeply and be thoughtful about the person I am and the change I hope to create in the moments to come.  Perhaps if we can allow ourselves the freedom of that moment without feeling guilty or undeserving. We only have this breath and this moment, but we are capable of great things and creating change that our littles ones will come to appreciate in their future moments.