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Love comes to us in many forms, and it can move and pass through us in many states as well. We can love with a smile, an act of simple kindness, the gentle touch of a hand, or a comforting word in just the right moment. Love has no limits, and it can do the most amazing things. The most important thing to remember about love is that no one can own it. It exists for us to share with everyone around us. Love exists to give away as unconditionally as possible whenever the opportunity presents. Love is a gift, and it’s accessible to everyone willing to receive it.

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I enjoy looking for new ways to express love to my family, friends, and others I care for as often as I can. The people in my life know they are loved, but I like being creative and spontaneous because those things will stand out and be remembered when I’m not here anymore. I need to leave behind excellent examples, brilliant life lessons, and a legacy of love. Love is an energy that is infinite and cannot be outlasted. Love is multifaceted and reaches into the deepest places of a person’s life, and brings healing and wholeness. Love is without limit, and so how we love one another can also be limitless. Be inspired to elevate your ability to love and let your love be your legacy.