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Why don’t we do the things that make us happy? This question is so enormous for me. I went for a walk this morning with my little girl, and I watched her as she noticed every detail of the day and her environment. Her small hands picked up wildflowers and smelled them deeply as if they were the finest to grace the planet. Why do we lose that appreciation for the little things in life as we age? Kids are generally happy to wake up and accept the day as it comes. I’m a firm believer in aspiring to be more and come up higher, but can we also find joy where we are on the journey to where we will be?

We hear it often “learn to live in the moment,” but what does that mean for you? Living in the moment is indeed the concept of right now; what each person does with that moment is unique. It means for me to breathe deeply and be thoughtful about the person I am and the change I hope to create in the moments to come.  Perhaps if we can allow ourselves the freedom of that moment without feeling guilty or undeserving. We only have this breath and this moment, but we are capable of great things and creating change that our littles ones will come to appreciate in their future moments.