Changes of Life

            There is not always a defining moment when a woman realizes something is different within her; when everything is changing, and you have no power to stop it from happening. As a woman, you spend years discovering yourself, and not long after your season of spring and beautiful vitality, things slowly begin to change. As I learned to recognize these changes to my life, body, and emotions, I felt a little betrayed. I told my season, “I have only just arrived and become comfortable, and I am not ready to transition yet,” Life and time continue to move forward, whether we are ready or not. Not every woman prepares for the change of life; there is no natural cushion for the course.

            When I reflect on my childhood, adolescence, and early adult years, I am shocked by how little women communicate with one another about this process. Most of us do not prepare our daughters, sisters, or friends. It is almost like an unspoken prison sentence, and most women suffer it in silence. I come from a large family of females, all of whom have succeeded in these changes and never spoke of them to me nor each other to the best of my knowledge. My mother, sisters, and ladies I have been close friends with have never brought up the topic of Perimenopause or Menopause or had a thoughtful conversation with me or in my presence. I simply understood that this process existed, and every woman experienced it to some degree at a later point in her life.

            It is relatively simple to acquire beneficial information as doctors, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners share educational and clinical studies via the internet. The resources are almost endless. The world of female medicine has expanded, and doctors are more open to working in the realm of hormonal balancing and helping women transition through Perimenopause and Menopause. Women can talk to their doctor or wellness practitioner, which is lovely, but we need to speak with one another as well. Women need to be open about their health and well-being with each other. There is so much we can learn from timely and straightforward conversations with the women in our lives.

            Having a pure and honest discussion with other females in your life can open a world of knowledge. We, women, are more impressive than we give ourselves credit for, and to share the wealth of time and lived experience within us is a genuine gift. Communication is a lifeline and a blessing, and as we learn, change, grow, and are occasionally remolded, it is our responsibility to pass on that precious legacy. Transparency amongst the female gender is beautiful. As each of us reaches out to another in response to a heartfelt cry for much-needed leadership, we are laying down our stone on the path of future generations. The journey we build together must be clear and so much stronger than those of previous generations. The world is ever-changing, and our daughters’ needs may often be very different, or at a level, we’ve never explored.

            These days I find myself in regular conversation with my daughters about each new feeling and permanent shift in my life. I laugh even as I write these words because I am fully aware that my girls are beyond tired of hearing about “me and my transition,” but as bothersome as it may seem to their young adult minds, I know I am teaching them. It is with love that I speak openly and honestly not only about the physical changes that come with age but the emotional and spiritual journey as well. Age is not always kind to us, so we must be kind to ourselves and one another. I tell my girls that someday in the very distant future, they will wake up to a world that I am no longer a part of, and as they take the necessary steps toward a destination paved with love, my words will bring comfort.

Discovery is more than just an eye-opening experience; it is an opportunity to create change.

-Julia Ray

Published by juliaray2021

I am a freelance writer and aspiring traveler :) Redefining life and learning to love me!

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