Defining Her

A powerful woman is a beautiful woman, and her confidence is radiant and magnetic.

Women have always been amazing without question, and history teaches that women of every walk of life are strong enough to accomplish anything the universe brings before them. There is nothing in this life a female cannot overcome if she so chooses.

A woman is the sound of the crashing ocean and an unforgettable alluring scent in every room. She is the light and presence that makes all the difference wherever she may go, and even her smile commands attention.

Women are, first and foremost, dynamic creatures of illusion. We have the gift of allowing the world to see us as a goddess; beautiful, graceful, whole, and unstoppable.

While these traits are ours and always alive within us, the illusion is behind the goddess, moments of hurt, pain, and exhaustion. We never let the familiar world look beyond the goddess into the human soul. It is this ability that makes us so powerful and so perfectly wonderful. Women love so wholly and are willing receivers as well of love that is honest. Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, and extended loved ones; women are the sweet kisses from the all-powerful divine to the most lovely universe.

Published by juliaray2021

I am a freelance writer and aspiring traveler :) Redefining life and learning to love me!

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