Universal Skin Care

Universal Skin Defense

The skin we live in won’t last forever. It ages and can fall victim to the environment, what we eat, makeup, and unseen toxins that live among us. Fresh, clean, healthy skin from head to toe doesn’t come without a price. The care of our skin requires time, effort, and a little tender love and care. We are all aware of the importance of sunscreen, but there are other benefits to a quality sunscreen that promote health and vitality for our skin. Sunscreen protects against the severely harmful UVA and UVB rays; this is true. It’s also one of the most effective anti-aging products one can count on every day. I’m not saying a good bottle of sunscreen is the fountain of youth or anything, but it certainly does prevent the sun from turning someone into the crypt keeper before their time.

We are given one life to live and only one body in which to live it. We must make self-care a priority. How we care for our health; our bodies produce a difference in how our bodies and appearance respond. Quality skin care begins inside, and of course, we must be mindful of what we eat, drink, and the supplements we consume. People also need to understand that our skin is delicate and must be protected and nurtured to the best of our ability. Using products that are clean and free of harsh chemicals is ideal and will be incredibly beneficial—remembering when it comes to makeup, less is more, and a fresh face is a beautiful face. Love yourself, be good to yourself and take care both inside and out, and your skin will reflect the very best of who you are.

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I am a freelance writer and aspiring traveler :) Redefining life and learning to love me!

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